Monday, April 11, 2011

Random Shoplifts, the Nth

Overheard in various places in the last week or so...

~Gravity is not gonna be generous to your short crooked ass. (One woman berates another for wearing her backpack wrong. Just...weird.)

~I know some things about him that I will never tell, but I think he should leave women along and stick with something plastic. (Uh, note to self, try and figure out who this guy is and NEVER date him)

~If you're not touching the top of it, what's the point? (I have no clue what the topic was, but other than lifting it, I'm not touching anything. Certainly not the top of it.)

~Rose pedal, with floral aroma and spice flavors. (I'm neither wearing nor drinking this, whatever it was).

~When you get three without getting anywhere near a bar, it's a good day (no context. I like this one as it is. If you're curious, email me.)

Happy eavesdropping!

The Final Snippet: redundant

Deb Answers: Margaret in Tacoma: It is not in fact the spirit of your favorite orchid that was in the perfume, but an entirely different, yet similar orchid. Your orchid's soul twin, if you will.

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