Friday, April 1, 2011

Mini-Retreat - Yay!

In preparation for pitching at Pikes Peak Writers Conference at the end of this month, I am fortunate enough to be participating in a mini-retreat tonight and all day tomorrow.

I have realized that since I work a day job, I kind of view my time at home in the evenings or on the weekends as relaxation time, and sometimes have a difficult time making myself write. I kind of resent it in a way.

But, if I remove myself from my home environment, then I seem to be in a more disciplined head space, and have a much easier time being productive. Weird psychological trick, that, but if it works, I'm willing to do it. So I'll be at mini-retreats and the local coffee shop a lot this month.

How do you prep as you are coming down the final stretch with a project? I know a bunch of people who can write any time, any place, and sometimes I wish I were one of them. But I guess we all have an innate process -- one of my goals for the rest of this year is retraining my brain to a new process :)

Meanwhile I will spend tonight and tomorrow doing all the writing I ought to have been doing after work this week.

Wish me good words.....

The Final Snippet: You know it was a great party when someone is missing a fang.

Deb Answers: Vanessa in OK: I would use the scarf before the twine.


  1. I have to say, I'm the same way. Though, my house is quiet most of the time, It's much easier to get through the final phases of my project if I'm in a coffee shop. It's funny how those distractions don't seem like distractions at all, and the time I spend there is very productive.

  2. I get to writing, I am an avalanche. I write early in the morning, late at night, at work, at home in the basement, in the sun room, and at bars (as long as drunks don't interrupt me).

    It's just getting that first pebble started down the hill...

  3. I think the noise in a coffee shop becomes white noise -- easier to shut out than the normal individual noises of a household.

    Also, sorry for the wonky formatting -- the blog software has stopped reading line returns in the regular editor and I had to go back in and put them in the html. Weird.

  4. Aaron -- you're one of THOSE, then. Sigh. Also, envy. :)

  5. Sometimes, for me, it's just the act of changing it up. Out of house pages if I've been writing at home, pen and paper if I've been using the computer, etc.

    Have fun storming the castle!