Monday, August 1, 2011

Random Lifts, Part, uh, Something or Other

From various events and venues over the last three weeks, spread across two states.

~No, all the gin was definitely on the top.

~Do you know how much acid I dropped while translating Latin? (Uh, no, and don't want to)

~Well, then, Google that shit and let me know. (Ah, Google, the arbiter of all disagreements)

~So, the first time I stalked him on Facebook (seriously, I do not want to hear any more, especially since this clearly implies there was more than one stalking incident...)

~Q: Why'd you stay in St. Louis, if you love Colorado so much? A: Well, I just kept getting married, and then I had a bunch of kids.... (Uh....well, just...uh.....I got nothing).

The Final Snippet: Would be redundant.