Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Random Boat Thoughts

Did The Big Vacation with The Boy last week -- 7 day cruise to several destinations. Lots of fun stuff, but what did I spend much of my time doing? Reading manuscripts, editing, and writing down my mojito-inspired thoughts.

And that makes me a Big Dork, I am pretty sure. Maybe even a Really Big Dork.

But these are the things that writer/editor/publisher type people do, and there it is.

A sampling:

~Rainy day on The Big Boat, water sloshes over the edge of the pool, and really how much does a boat this size have to roll in the water for that to happen, water over the edge of the pool like coffee over the edge of a coffee cup, and I sit just out of the rain's way, insisting deck time in spite of the gray. I contemplate getting in the hot tub, despite the wind and the cold and the clouds, over a backdrop of "Oye Como Va," played by a steel drum band.

~And now in an effort to remove all traces of reality from your presence, in order to preserve the fantasy of perfection you have bought yourself for a mere 7 days (all you could afford probably) we will now squeegee all indications of rain from the decks and chairs and railings -- see us restore dry just for you, and believe you me, if we could figure out a way to squeegee away the clouds from in front of the sun you'd better believe we would, dammit. Please enjoy your previously scheduled perfection.

~How is it that two unrelated manuscripts, by two people who have assuredly have not ever met each other, both reference Nabokov's Lolita?

~Why on earth would that man think denim bib overalls are appropriate for cruise casual dining? Why? Really...I need an answer.

For the record, mojitos rock. And Santana on the Steel Drums is surprisingly listenable. Really. Even without mojitos. Though technically I did not try it that way.....

The Final Snippet: Stop screaming, you're scaring the monkeys. (The Boy to me, prior to zip-lining in Belize. As it turns out I LOVED zip-lining and it was my whoops of exhiliration which scared the monkeys...)


  1. I'm sure those monkeys will recover just fine. ;)

  2. Yes...preserve the fantasy. That's what us writers and entrepreneurs do! karen Lin

  3. Mojitos are awesome BTW - I occassionally make them from scratch. Deb what is the name of your new SELF pub help company and what is its webwsite address?