Saturday, November 19, 2011

Random Shoplifts....Again

Picked up in various places over the last few weeks......

~Yes, but I'm a competent drunk girl. (party, where else)

~Without either over complexifying or under complexifying things (please, people, save me from meetings. I am serious.)

~Don't go then. Just send a card and a ham (nothing says I'm sorry I bailed on your important event like a ham....)

~I have a lot of experience in the mental health community (people should be careful when they assert such stuff...I kind of wondered if she meant as a patient. Just saying.)

You have to have trust in a relationship -- you have to know the other person will actually take the handcuffs off....(seriously, more than I ever wanted or needed to know about the person who said this).

The Final Snippet: would be redundant.


  1. Hum, making a mental note about proper "ham" etiquette. Lol. Thanks for the laugh.

  2. There are likely a few 'regrets' situations where ham is not appropriate, but apparently it is somewhat of a catchall......