Thursday, February 17, 2011

Random No-Context Shoplifts

~Does my head look too big? Should I grow my hair longer to compensate?

~I started drinking because I was in choir....

~I'm not saying I'm NOT in love with you....

~It was like getting the Hapsbergs, the McCoys and the Gill Foundation to sit down and iron out their differences. Basically, pointless.

~Real world scuba accidents, and how to avoid them.

~They're retarded. And not in the sense of 'you're just stupid', but in the 'you have an extra fucking chromosome' sense. (sorry, offensive. I don't make 'em up, I just steal 'em and write 'em down)

~This is the part where you make a snarky comment which involves an obscenity.

The Final Snippet: None -- I gave you 7 excellent lifts above. Don't be greedy.

Deb Answers: To Randy in Maine....stop using soap, it is in fact infected.

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