Monday, December 13, 2010

An Insanity of Writers?

Two things seemed to chase me around this weekend -- haiku and fairies.

Not literally of course. But references to both kept popping up. And I think as a creative person, it is my obligation to not only accept weirdnesses like these but as well to embrace them. Revel in them if you will.

Shopping with a friend, I saw so many fairy statues and pendants and related items that I finally gave in to the message and picked up a fairy for an author friend, Signe Pike, whose debut memoir you can find here: Faery Tale

I felt much better for listening to the message the universe was sending me in that moment, and that coincidentally is part of what Signe's lovely book is about.

Then the haiku started. I will admit, the haiku MIGHT have been related to the wine. Or the scotch. But mostly I think the haiku was related to being around a bunch of writers. The synchronicity (and drinking) that occurs when a bunch of writers gather is an amazing thing to me and it is both energizing and exhausting. And potentially hang-over inducing, but really that is another story entirely.

As a side note, I have always wondered what the appropriate appellation is for a gathering or group of writers, and I am not quite settled between 1) an Insanity of Writers or 2) an Inebriation of Writers. But I think both are appropriate. Any others I should consider?

Over a 24 hour period, the haiku ranged from Extemporaneous Bar Haiku, themed "Things We Eat With Scotch," to Random Book Signing Haiku, and finally to Zombie Haiku. All great fun, but I'll tell you the part I like best...when you ask writers to quickly produce haiku, inevitably their inner editor gets involved right away. The result is a person staring off into the far, far distance, while their inner editor makes them count syllables. You can tell they're counting because as writers, most of us aren't necessarily math geniuses, and we use our fingers to keep track.

Yeah, I think I'll settle on An Insanity of Writers. Quite perfect, that.

Back to the words.

The Final Snippet: I didn't eat all the pink ones...I just kept sticking my hand in there. (What? It sounds dirty? Pink and white frosted animal crackers people. Sheesh. With thanks to "Cookies" Fahnestock for the shoplift opportunity. )


  1. I think it fits.

    In "An Exaltation of Larks" James Lipton says a group of writers is a "worship." They think it comes from when writers were dependent on a patron, who must then be worshiped.

    I'll take "worship" if it's us what's getting the praise. Otherwise, I'll stick with "inebriation." Or a "scribbling." ;-)

  2. Oh, a 'scribbling' just might make the list I am compiling with a friend. I see t-shirts in our future....

  3. Hi Deb! Happy Holidays!

    -Brandon and Bryan

  4. Based on my Thursday night improv group and PPWC, I'd have to go with a Weirdness of Writers. In a completely "I love you guys and I'm so glad I found somebody to be geeky with" kind of way.

  5. I like it, Connie. I am totally adding to my list.