Sunday, October 25, 2009

Back from Breck

Two days back from my writers retreat in Breckenridge. Sigh. I miss having three gourmet meals a day magically appear, and I miss having someone guard my writing time as if it were incredibly important, shushing the other writers who have gotten chatty.

I miss looking out my window at Slope 8.

I miss being surrounded by other writers -- what a rare treat that was.

I do not, however, miss the altitude.

And truth be told, I have slept exquisitely well back in my own bed, in my own house, and am glad to be back around my miscellaneous family members and Colorado Springs pals. You can only run away from your life for so long.

But, incredible amounts of work got done, by me, and I would hazard by the other participants as well. I have been fielding email after email filled with good news -- so and so wants to read my entire manuscript! I solved the plot problem with my project! Time well spent, indeed.

My proposal will finally be completely done by the end of this week, based on incredible input and feedback I received while on retreat, and am happy to say it will go out to some agents who have requested it shortly thereafter.

I am fortunate to have been able to go on this retreat -- as I mentioned in previous posts, thanks are due and hereby proferred (again). But the takeaway lesson for me is always to find some way to retreat whenever possible -- whether by finding a coffee shop away from your regular routine, or by holing up in your home office wherever it might be, in order to truly shut out the world and concentrate on your work, your art, your story. Whatever it takes.

It doesn't need to be Breckenridge to be a retreat. All it takes is your determination to get away for a brief time and make progress.

I'm going to try hard to remember this and to do it...I challenge you to do so as well.

The Final Snippet: "Sometimes you shouldn't touch the buffalo." (no explanation)

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