Monday, August 24, 2009

Time to watch the grass grow

Random stuff:

-That's about as easy as sewing balloons (overheard, makes my brain hurt)

-The world doesn't just disappear because you close your eyes, now does it? (overheard, and true, though I think the late Hercules, my dog, felt otherwise on this one)

-It's as if a storm is on the way, yet there's no sign of clouds on the horizon. (lifted from my horoscope; makes me want to play with ambiguous statements which sound wise and meaningful and yet manage to say nothing at all )

-Install vinyl siding and kiss your worries goodbye (from email spam...who knew getting rid of my worries was so easy. I'd like a job writing that advertising copy please....)

The final snippet: I'm not a tech geek -- I just play one in my day job.

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