Thursday, September 26, 2013


(that's Random Shoplifts...clearly I need to be more specific for those of you whose minds gravitate ever gutterwards).

~I have verbal jiu jitsu. Talk jitsu. (Deb) jitsu... (put my own name in th eplace of the original speaker).

~I will f**k money ANY time.  (some people clearly have more interesting sex lives than....well, than me for one...).

~The only reason anyone puts money in the market is that it's the only place TO put it.  (Yeah, whatever.  There's always the mattress and the underwear drawer...why you gotta be so narrowminded).

~Good priorities and a Jesus liver -- that's really all you need in life.  (no explanation, hah).

X's and O's and Words!


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  1. Ah yes...listening to strangers is such great inspiration!