Monday, September 17, 2012

Top 10 Shoplifts from a Writing Retreat

The Setting:  Poudre Canyon, Colorado, a small town called Rustic.

The Cast:  Writers, Locals, and Vern, The World's Greatest One Armed Bartender

The Plot: Writing Retreat, Karaoke, and Drunkigami

In other words, the perfect storm of shoplifting....

1.  Hey. I'm pretty sure I could walk if I wanted to.
2. You know, there's a fine line between romance and horror.....
3. Finally, I'm gonna get one new shoe.
4. Yeah, I have to listen to that to write the fight to you listen to to write the sex scenes?
5. That's out waitress right there.  She;s dating the band.
6. In my secret life, I'm a pole dancer.
7. Hey, how do I drunkspell this?
8. What I heard: "I like it when he drops his pants." What was said: "I like it when he drops his mask."
9. I believe that is inverse blasphemy.
10. Oh look, she's slurring in American Sign Language.

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  1. #10 is the best! Thanks for the great memories of a great time. Good stuff... good stuff...