Monday, February 22, 2010

Recently Lifted Bits and Pieces

Various bits of conversation lifted from random locations....

~Forget everything I was just about to say. Ummm....okay. Sure. Shouldn't be too difficult.....

~I like capers a whole lot. I'm not sure this was worth lifting, except it cracked me up every time I thought about having heard it. Lifted from an overly loud conversation taking place in a booth behind me in a fave restaurant.

~I vaguely remember youthful exuberance. Yeah...don't we all.

~It's like two guys fighting in the ocean to see who drowns first. For this I cite David Brooks on Meet The Press. Much taken with the visual.

~Maybe my ear canals are unusually small. Ummm...okay. Sure. Also, TMI. Dude, really.

~Per the Valentine's Day Freeze...I swear this came to me in an email and was software related, but seriously, it was like a vicious commentary on my personal life. And therefore worth lifting.

~Hey...she spat wine on my haiku. Proof that controlled substances and writing really oughtn't mix...

And my fave...

~Sorrow was last week's emotion. No explanation.

Now go do whatever it is you do.

The Final Snippet: would be redundant now wouldn't it.


  1. Love these. I swear there's a story in all of them.

  2. And don't I wish I had time to write them all...alas, I only have time to lift the words....