Monday, September 28, 2009

Overheard: Some Random, Some Not

It's probably not a good thing to have a reputation as a lifter of words, but it seems to be working out well enough for me. Not only do I continuously overhear things which are amusing and worthy of writing down, but now people are telling me or sending me funny phrases that they have heard, knowing that I too will be captured by the absurdity or whimsy or just plain silliness in that which people say.

Here are a few recent additions to my collection...

Said directly to me (no explanations, sorry).

"Of course, me and the Ayatollah disagreed completely."
"Do NOT answer the phone. I can tell by the way it's ringing that it's my mother...."
"I'd envy me if I weren't already me..."
"Texting Sarah Cooper" (good name for a screenplay, sorry Z)

Forwarded to me (seriously, I have an eavesdropping staff!)

"When it comes to sincerity, I'm very serious about it." (listed in a dating profile)
"Let's not get all conflictual about that." (said in a meeting)

Conversational Shoplifting really is contagious...and more fun than H1N1 too!

No final snippet today, but feel free to send stuff on to me....I try and use things overheard in my fiction projects whenver possible!

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